Cargo Community System

Innovative solutions for the air cargo sector

Efficiency, safety, quality

CCS Italy strongly believes in the simplification of procedures for shippers. A team always at work to offer a constant service able to automate the internal processes that today require a daily intervention of human resources. We are able to provide rapid and certified information and innovative services. To the benefit of the internal organization of the company, able to offer the tools to evaluate and improve the processes in use and productivity.

A system platform

Tonga is a neutral platform, not bound to a specific carrier or group of carriers, which allows the Forwarder to manage the entire reservation process in electronic format with most of airlines. Ease of use for the user, who is not forced to change the platform depending on the carrier with which you want to interface. It can be integrated directly into the management system used by the user, thanks to integration agreements reached with leading software companies that are market leaders in Italy.