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CCS Italy soluzioni cargo aereo

CCS Italy Srl is a leading service provider for the air cargo industry, specializing in innovative, added-value IT solutions for freight forwarders, air cargo carriers and ground handling agents. Founded in the late 90s as a Service Center for IATA in Italy, the company has established its reputation through the years due to its innovative services, which meet the increasing need for air cargo players to adapt their IT systems to the reception and transmission of electronic messages, according to the standards defined by the international regulatory bodies.

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Since 2004, CCS Italy has been operating as a Cargo Community System in Italy, supporting several existing initiatives to improve efficiency, security, and quality within the air cargo industry; these include programs for the digitization of transportation documents, such as IATA e-freight, e-AWB and e-CSD, as well as the quality management system Cargo iQ.
With its exclusive IT platform TONGA, which was completely developed in house, and its team of ten qualified professionals with a twenty-year experience of technical and operational processes, CCS Italy has been acting as facilitator on the Italian market, enabling the interfacing and cooperation among air cargo players, regardless of their specific business or infrastructure, and organizational capabilities.

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Company History

1999: The team is part of the company choosen by IATA as DPC (Data Processing Center) for IATA CASS (Cargo Accounts Settlement System) in Italy

2000: launch of iatacass.com, a platform providing on line account statement services for all Italian freight forwarders and air cargo carriers

2001: launch of the Italian IATA official website www.iataitalia.it

2003: iatacass.com is implemented in nine additional European countries

2004: launch of the Italian Airports Data Acquisition and Processing Service for
ENAC (Italian National Civil Aviation Authority)

2004: company starts acting as Cargo Community System

2006: development of Tonga, the dedicated platform to perform CCS activities, and launch of Tonga Forwarder.

2007: launch of Tonga Handling, a flexible module dedicated to GHAs (Ground Handling Agents)

2008-13: company establishes itself as leading Italian Service Provider in the Air Cargo Community

2014: CCS Italy is founded

2015: launch of Tonga Smart City, a dedicated module for Malpensa Smart City Platform

2017: launch of Tonga e-Booking, a platform for direct bookings dedicated to the air cargo sector, and Tonga e-Vault, a Legally Compliant Archiving system dedicated to logistics operators.
CCS Italy is a Cargo iQ member

2018: CCS is Iata Cargo Connectivity Working Group member

2019: launch of Tonga Smart Tracking, the certified solution for small and medium Forwarders (SME) compliant to IATA Cargo iQ