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Tonga e-Vault is a new service developed by CCS Italy for Legally Compliant Archiving, directed specifically towards logistics operators.

The digitization process that has been underway for years, evolving the various transportation documentation from paper to digital, is changing the way archiving is achieved. The paper Air Waybill has always represented the Agreement between parties involved: in a potential controversy, this is the document holding legal value.

So what happens with the electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB)? What about active and passive invoicing and custom declarations? How and where should these documents be archived so that their legal value remains unaltered?

CCS Italy soluzioni cargo aereo

The Solution

CCS Italy has established a partnership with Infogroup Spa,  AgID Certified Keeper, with the intent of offering a Legally Compliant Archiving Service specifically aimed at satisfying the needs of cargo shipments operators.

CCS Italy soluzioni cargo aereo

What is Legally Compliant Archiving?

Legally compliant archiving is a complex of processes, subordinated to applicable regulations, directed towards ensuring legally relevant electronic documentation’s authenticity, maintainance over time, and integrity. It smoothes out the transition towards documents digitization, cutting costs and ensuring a safe and easily accessible archiving. The documents, entrusted to a Certified Keeper, acknowledged by AgID – Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale, an Italian regulatory body which oversees the digitization processes – will be controlled, certified, and then archived, keeping their status unchanged over time.

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What does Certified Keeper mean?

A Certified Keeper is a public or private entity found to be compliant to the highest quality and safety standards, and appointed by the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale to oversee the preservation of legal documents.

CCS Italy soluzioni cargo aereo

Which kind of documents can I archive with Tonga e-Vault?

With our service you will be able to archive in the Bank’s databases:
. e-AWB
. digital and electronic invoices
. ledgers
. custom declarations
. Cargo-IMP messages flows
. etc…

You will be able to archive everything you deem necessary to be maintained over time for safety and legal matters. Moreover, as for our every other service, it will be possible to directly integrate Tonga e-Vault in the forwarder’s management system.