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Tonga is an IT platform developed by CCS Italy to automate and digitize air cargo transportation documents. Every day, our system receives, verifies, validates, and transmits thousands of electronic messages which air cargo carriers, airports, freight forwarders, and customs authorities, exchange to carry out their global transactions.

The IT platform Tonga was completely developed and implemented in house to meet the increasing needs of air cargo players for the exchange and transmission of electronic messages with other players.
One of the main hindrances to efficiency in the air cargo industry is the lack of standardization of IT systems. Tonga seamlessly integrates with the main management software solutions used by air cargo players, regardless of their specific business or capabilities, and facilitates the interexchange of information provided by air transportation documents, such as the Air WayBill (AWB) and the Consignment Security Declaration (CSD).

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Tonga easily integrates new modules (such as Tonga Handler, Tonga e-Booking, Tonga e-Vault and Tonga Smart City)

Your Benefits


Tonga uses digital certificates and other encrypting technologies which guarantee data security


Tonga interfaces with other systems through the exchange of FTP messages and through a set of APIs allowing an easy integration with third party software


Tonga easily integrates new modules (such as Tonga Handler, Tonga e-BookingTonga e-Vault and Tonga Smart City)


Tonga allows access to multiple users at the same time, with custom administration access according to the functional role


Tonga is not a closed system and easily interfaces with carriers’ cargo management systems, and with networks of the main international providers. This allows for a comprehensive and efficient exchange of air cargo messages (Cargo IMP, EDI, etc.) via Telex or other common transfer protocols (HTTP, FTP, MSMQ)


Tonga is active 24/7