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The solution of CCS Italy for the air cargo electronic booking

Tonga e-Booking offers you the access to the global airlines schedule, allowing the performance of the cargo reservation directly from the schedule, from a single interface.
Directly integrated in the client’s management system or accessible via a dedicated website.

From a single interface integrated in the client’s management system, Tonga e-Booking offers you the access to the global airlines schedule, and allows you to manage the whole booking process electronically.
The operator can easily choose the best solution and finalize the booking request.
Shortening of processes time, real-time answers and costs optimization, represent the immediate advantage of the service.

The current existing solutions force operators to switch from one air carrier website to another, encountering several issues:

  • Different interrogation settings for each website
  • Different graphics for each website
  • Need for transcription of information on forwarder’s management system
  • Replies subsequent to first request received through email or telephone
  • Flight change and total or partial canceling not managed in carriers websites
tonga e-booking CCS Italy soluzioni cargo aereo

How to use our service

Integrating our platform directly in your management system through web services: to this end, we established partnerships with the main software houses of this sector. Logging in to our website with specific credentials.

The service we developed is a neutral platform, not dependent on a specific carrier or group of carriers. This allows to manage the entire booking process electronically and with multiple air carriers.


Allows access to the global schedule of every air carrier, including, in addition to flights, RFSs for most of the carriers. It can be used for reference, or to book the chosen flight.


Allows access to the dynamic schedule of a specific carrier, updated to the next three days. The module can directly consult the carrier’s system, providing secure and updated information on the schedule. It can be used to request space availability for a specific route, and to directly book the chosen flight.


Is the actual booking section, in which you will be redirected each time you choose a flight to book in the other two sections. You can directly access this section in case you already know the necessary information on the flight you intend on booking. In this section you can also consult the flights you already booked.

Tonga e-Booking benefits

    • Automated updates of the booking status
    • Reduction of errors
    • Time optimization