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Tonga Smart City is the service that enables Freight Forwarders to interface with Malpensa airport IT platform (Ecosistema Cargo MXP) in a transparent and effective manner.

The Cargo MXP Ecosystem is the data sharing tool for the air cargo supply chain at Milano Malpensa airport.

A concrete opportunity to simplify the procedures for handling of cargo departing from Malpensa airport.

Tonga Smart city facilitates the exchange of data among the various players in the air cargo supply chain.

With minimal impact on the management systems in use, Tonga Smart City allows you to replace the exchange of paper documents with digital transactions, reducing time and costs, and streamlining the cargo handling processes at the airport.

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Ecosistema Cargo MXP:
benefits for your business

  • Enables the digitization process of the supply chain, in accordance with national and international regulations
  • Reduces waiting times at the airport for the acceptance of documents and cargo
  • Makes traceable the status of the cargo handling at the airport
  • Promotes the development of new services, thanks to users’ feedback

CCS Italy and Cargo MXP Ecosystem

CCS Italy has launched a service enabling freight forwarders to interact with the Malpensa IT platform with minimal adjustment to the softwares they are using.

Why use Tonga Smart City?

Tonga Smart City is the most effective method to interact with the Carg MXP Ecosystem, and can be directly integrated into the freight forwarders’ management system.

CCS Italy soluzioni cargo aereo

Interactions with Cargo MXP Ecosystem can happen in one of two ways: 

  • Connecting to the dedicated website and manually uploading the requested data
  • Using the system to convey electronic data flows

Tonga Smart City allows automated dialogue: the freight forwarder will sends CCS Italy the FWB and FHL flows for the goods departing for MXP, with a minimal adjustment. Tonga Smart City processes the flows and sends them to the Cargo MXP Ecosystem.

Supported phases of the interaction with Cargo MXP Ecosystem


Complition of AWB/HAWB custom and security declarations


Complition of loading details and information related to the delivery of the cargo to the GHA at MXP


Reservation of the delivery slot time with the GHA at MXP